Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Double Urban Mountain Buggy Twins Stroller

- used item but in excellent condition (8/10)..
- "Despite its large size and heavy weight, it is the easiest stroller there is to push twins around it. First, the stroller has pneumatic (air filled) tires. This means that pushing over any type of terrain is a breeze. Unlike strollers with plastic/rubber wheels, the Mountain Buggy really coasts on its own. I can't emphasize this enough. This gigantic thing is easier to push than any other stroller. You just can't believe it until you try it. Plus, if you want to go on a dirt or gravel track, this thing does the job without hesitation. Second, the thing is solid! It will not bend, it will not break. It is indestructible. Next, the brake is second to none. When the brake is engaged, it is completely impossible to budge the stroller one inch. It's a great brake.It also has a safety strap to loop around your wrist to prevent runaways. Because it is a large stroller, the under carriage has a ginormous, huge pouch for carrying diaper bags and other loot. This is essential for moving around with twins. There is also a rain cover. The seats recline way back so the kiddies can nap if needed. "
- Its for RM450.00 include postage fee..