Monday, June 21, 2010

KOKUA Like A Bike Mountain Bike

- used item
- missing horn but others complete
- feagures like new..
- Features:
The Like a Bike Mountain Mini is made of high quality varnished birch plywood, high-grade steel, felt, textiles and rubber, the Mini is built to withstand any amount of rough and tumble. What makes the Mini different from the rest of the LIKE-a-BIKE is it's unique frame. The Like a Bike Mountain Mini frame slopes down allowing for a smaller child to mount it, there are some short legged 2 year olds out there! We were often asked for a smaller bike so Kokua designed the Mini. It is now one of the most popular bikes in the range. Just like its bigger brother the Classic Mountain the Mini features handmade wooden wheels. They make the bike look really nice and solid without adding much weight. The tyres that the Mini wears are pneumatic, whice makes them perfect for use on hard surfaces or soft surfaces, indoor or outside. The also features a plain mudguard at the back of the bike.
There are many safety features including a unique patented steering damper that stops your child turning the handlebar too far, preventing jackknifing accidents. LIKE-a-BIKE is so well made that Kokua provide a two year guarantee against defects - amazing for a wooden product designed for children.
- suitable for preschoolers
- its for RM70.00 include postage fee..